“Stratagems:noun: any plan, ruse, or trick devised or used to attain a goal or gain an advantage over a competitor: e.g. business stratagems”

Who are We?

Search Engine Stratagems is a team of  dedicated, talented and hard working individuals.  This crack team was hand picked by our President Lloyd Hester and each member is a specialist in the field of internet marketing or search engine ranking (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) manage me nt or Targeted-Traffic-Generation (TTG).

Each team member adds something of value to the services that TEAM SES provides to our growing family of client.

Why do our clients need SES services?

To achieve page ONE ranking on the major search engines for your Company website is paramount,  if you are to successfully sell products and/or services online.  You must be seen ahead of your competition!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (spiders)”

Too often, little if any thought is given to website consumer visibility during the design phase of website creation.   Search engines electronic bots or “spiders” that rank websites do NOT judge a site by the beauty of the design; they view and rank your site based on the structure, rel evant content and what is referred to as authority, which means is your site an authority in a given field.

TEAM SES can assure that your website “is a thing of beauty” to the spiders.

What Do We Do?

Ultimately, we help you to sell more goods and/or services on the Internet by creating consumer visibility!

TEAM SES uses a variety of the latest techniques and proprietor stratagems (fully described in EDUCATION STATION) that will dramatically improve the rankings of your website with the major search engines.  Implementing and maintaining these stratagems will help you to beat your competition, create consumer visibility and bringing targeted traffic and a flood of new customers to your online business.

Site placement is done in 5 stages C.E.A.I.C :

Consultation (Free) - To help you to succeed with Internet sales, TEAM SES must understand your business and therefore we begin by discussing your business goals, business sector, region, competitiveness and market to establish where your business is currently and how we can jet-propel your online traffic, sales and profit margins.  TEAM SES will discuss managed sales campaigns in the area of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Targeted-Traffic- Generation (TTG) as well as ranking strategies. Check out this website www.ptengine.com for further details about software like this from Ptengine .

EvaluationTEAM SES will evaluate your Company website and create a video explanation on what your site is doing correctly currently and what areas of site management that can be improved.  You and your colleagues can review our video evaluation and make well informed marketing decisions.

Analysis - TEAM SES will carry out an in-depth and detailed analysis of your business sector and website, as well as the the top 10 competitors in your industry.  This analysis enables us to author a fully personalized, 60+ page report as well as a complete set of internet marketing strategies tailored specifically for your business.  Your analysis report becomes the architectural blue-print for ranking your site and all other relevant Internet sales efforts.

Implementation- You can then choose the SEO packages that best suits your business and your budget.  Next TEAM SES will implement the recommended strategies of both On-Page & Off-Page optimization simultaneously for maximum results.

Continuation - Search engine optimization (SEO) should be seen as a set of long term strategies.  Due to the fluid and organic nature of the search engines, SEO requires ongoing efforts and maintenance to improve the ranking results and frequency of spider visits.  TEAM SES, will carry out continued up-graded stratagems and regular maintenance to assure that your website and its related pages remain high in the SERPS rankingsTEAM SES will continue to manage your PPC & TTG.

How Much Will It Cost and what do I get?

For most business people,  defining the word “It” and understanding the value of “It” is essential when making a financial commitment for their business.  This value is sometimes referred to as – Return On Investment (ROI).  If your site appears on page ONE of SERPS and large numbers of new qualified consumers are visiting your site for sales information, obviously the value of your site is very high to your overall sales and marketing investment.

You Get:

The analysis report will identify the On-Page optimization work, if any, that must be carried out first before SEO stratagems can be implemented in earnest.  Essentially this means that TEAM SES will tell you how to make your site beautiful to the spiders.  This can be a touchy subject baring in mind that your web designer created your site with the best of design intentions but not necessarily the best of spider beauty tricks.   TEAM SES will create and implement the Off-Page promotional stratagems simultaneously for maximum impact.  SES offers a full range of affordable Off-Page SEO packages

Analysis report includes:- Full details of website analysis report here.

  • Existing Keyword Analysis – your site, your industry, your competition
  • A detailed On-Page analysis – “beautiful to the spiders”
  • Competitive analysis – are you a small fish in a big pond
  • Success ratio report – efforts in vs. ranking out
  • Relevant Additional Keyword list – attack the path of least resistance
  • Recommended Off-Page stratagems – a blueprint on exactly how to rank your site on page ONE of the major search engines.
  • Recommendations on PPC managed traffic campaign.
  • Recommendations on TTG managed traffic campaign.
  • Evaluation Video Value = $197.00 USD
  • Analysis Report Value = $497.00 USD

Other costs

On-Page Optimization – Edits or additions to your website in order to make it beautiful to spiders will be done with consultation and at need.  The cost for this ‘beauty treatment’ will depend on the amount of work involved and will be quoted on an individual basis.  This cost is never a scary number – TEAM SES can create a full support new site structure from the foundation up for as low as +/- $500.00 USD.

Off-Page Optimization – There are a number of different packages available to suit the size an complexity of your business and your budget.  The timing of site placement ranking on page ONE of the major search engines is also affected by the stratagems package that is implemented.  Essentially there is a direct ratio between efforts in-put and results out.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - A very complementary and affordable  strategy for immediate targeted website traffic is a well managed PPC campaign.  Run simultaneously with ranking strategies; they make for a very powerful Internet marketing duo.  As our ranking stratagems achieve spider results and your site PageRanking goes up, PPC becomes more affordable and less strategic.  A graft demonstrating how ranking will over-take PPC can be see below.


Targeted-Traffic-Generation (TTG) - In many business sectors and geographical regions TEAM SES is already generating significant targeted traffic (qualified sales leads).  Your business may take advantage of these sales leads using a managed TTG campaign.

Prove It!

If you wish to see for yourself examples of successful SES client Page ONE placements, please take a moment to click on this link and review the proof of the pudding

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